Kroll Map Company celebrates over 100 years in business

In 2012, Kroll Map Company celebrates 101 years of quality cartography in the Pacific Northwest.
Our roots extend back to the 1870s with the Anderson Map Company and the Washington Map and Blueprint Company. Carl Kroll acquired these two businesses and created Kroll Map Company in 1911, making Kroll one of the oldest businesses in the Seattle area.
In this era, our maps were drawn with quill pens on starched linen and new plats were etched by sunlight onto glass photographic plates for printing. Field checking was performed on horseback, with iron rods and chains for measuring distances. Methods have changed with the times, of course, but our company's focus remains the same- quality cartography and customer satisfaction.
Today Kroll Map Company is a third-generation business with a proud history serving customers here in Seattle and beyond. We hope to continue producing beautiful, accurate maps to guide you well into the future.
To visit Kroll Map Company's website, please go to www.krollmap.com
To visit our sister store Metsker Maps, please go to www.metskers.com for globes, books and all things map and travel-related.

Anderson Map Company "Express Delivery" wagon circa 1895

Carl Kroll circa 1912

John and Waldemar Loacker circa 1921

Kroll Map Company Today- Third & Cedar